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Vendor Risk Management

Simplifying Third-Party Risk Management for You and Your Vendors

Third-Party Risk Exchange for Business

A global community of pre-completed vendor risk assessments

Are your vendors safe to do business with? Find out with the Third-Party Risk Exchange,  where you can access thousands of pre-completed vendor risk assessments with support for  every major standard, framework, and law, including NIST, ISO, SIG, CSA CAIQ, and  any more.

Third-Party Risk Management for Business

Software to manage and scale your third-party risk program

Your third-party risk management program deserves a purpose-built tool. With our Third-Party Risk Management solution, you can build an audit-ready program, streamlining the vendor management lifecycle from onboarding; risk identification and mitigation; monitoring; offboarding; and reporting.

Questionnaire Response Automation for Vendors

Software that enables vendors to autocomplete any security questionnaire

We’ve designed our Questionnaire Response Automation tool to help vendors automatically answer incoming security, privacy, and RFx questionnaires. Our answer-matching technology uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and OneTrust Athena™ AI to help vendors respond to questionnaires faster, making the assessment process easier for everyone involved.

Powered by OneTrust DataGuideance

In-depth third-party risk and regulatory intelligence

OneTrust DataGuidance™ intelligence powers OneTrust Vendorpedia, embedding valuable research directly into the platform to help your organization implement third-party frameworks, standards, and controls to comply with the laws that matter most. DataGuidance intelligence is aggregated from authoritative sources, updated on a daily basis, and continually reviewed to alert your team when critical regulatory changes arise. 

Technology to Empower the Third-Party Risk Community


Pre-Completed Assessments. When assessing vendors, half the trouble is getting a response. With the exchange, you have access to thousands of industry-standard assessments that are already completed. Instead of chasing your vendors, just request a pre-completed assessment to receive answers in less time.

Automated Risk Analysis. Once an assessment is received, it’s time-consuming to review answers and manually flag risks, especially when using a spreadsheet-based assessment. Through the exchange, you receive completed assessments with builtin risk scoring that’s calculated based on your defined methodology. Automated risk analysis includes remediation recommendations, powered by OneTrust DataGuidance™.

Vendor Lifecycle Automation. There are many stakeholders involved when managing your vendor relationships, making processes slow and disjointed. Streamline and manage your third-party risk program with Vendorpedia, enabling teams to create intelligent and automated workflows to involve the right stakeholders at the right time.


Risk Mitigation Workflows. Gaining visibility into your vendor-related risks is only half the battle. Risk mitigation is just as critical. Leverage OneTrust DataGuidance™ intelligence to improve mitigation decision-making and build tailored treatment workflows to reduce risks and track progress over time.

AI-Powered Answer Matching. Vendors often receive an overwhelming number of questionnaires from their customers. Automatically answer any incoming questionnaire with answer-matching technology that uses NLP, AI, and ML to improve accuracy over time. Vendors can easily make adjustments and review responses before sending it to customers.

Secure Communication Portal. When communicating with customers, and sharing sensitive security documentation, it’s critical that vendors do so securely. With Questionnaire Response Automation, vendors can manage security, privacy, and compliance documentation, and when required, securely send evidence to customers, maintaining an audit trail and restricting access to information when necessary.


OneTrust Vendorpedia™ is the largest and most widely-used technology platform to operationalize third-party risk, security, and privacy management. The offering enables both enterprises and their vendors with technology solutions that include: the Third-Party Risk Exchange, a community of shared (and pre-completed) vendor risk assessments with 70,000+ participating vendors; Questionnaire Response Automation, a tool that helps organizations answer incoming security questionnaires; and Third-Party Risk Management software, a platform to streamline the entire vendor lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. More than 8,000 customers of all sizes use OneTrust, which is powered by 130 awarded patents.


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