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Governance, Risk and Compliance & Vendor Risk Management

Astrum can implement systems and tools to aid the management of your organisations' governance, identification, measurement and mitigation of risks and compliance to legislation. We can provide implementation and assessment solutions to identify and manage third-party risks across your organisation, which can be scaled and tailored to your business.


Elevate your competitive edge in the marketplace by working with Astrum to operationalise trust within your daily business operations.

Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Astrum can guide you in developing and refining your GRC framework for leadership, the organisation, and the operation of your business IT areas to ensure adherence to laws and regulations, and your strategic business objectives. GRC encompasses three areas:


  • Governance: Ensure organisational activities align with the business strategy and goals.

  • Risk: Identify and address any risk (or opportunity) associated with business operations in a way that supports operational goals. Ideally, risk mitigation becomes immersed within business workflows.

  • Compliance: Ensure systems and the data contained within your systems are secured in line with the laws and regulations


Astrum can implement GRC in any organisation – public or private, large, or small – that wants to align its IT activities to its business goals, manage risk effectively and maintain compliance.

Vendor Risk Management (VRM)

VRM is a risk management discipline that provides your organisation with visibility into who you work with, how they work and the security they have. “As a discipline, VRM is rapidly evolving in response to the daily challenges in security, privacy, compliance, and business continuity related to their vendors. With the work-from-home shift digital transformation is rapidly increasing reliance on vendors (mainly cloud providers) making VRM a permanent, board-level concern” (1). Astrum understands that the objectives of a VRM program varies significantly based on your organisations size, jurisdiction, applicable laws, industry, and more. Let us guide you with VRM best practices to plan, build and implement your VRM frameworks and integrate them into your daily business practices.

OneTrust Implementations

Work with Astrum’s certified professionals to unlock the power of OneTrust, the #1 most widely used privacy, security, and governance platform trusted by half of the Fortune Global 500 and 7,500 customers world-wide. Astrum applies our globally recognised expertise in privacy, information security and GRC qualifications to design, implement and deliver OneTrust solutions specifically curated to meet your business needs and objectives. Elevate your competitive edge in the marketplace by working with Astrum to operationalise trust with your day-to-day business operations. 


(1) OneTrust (2021) “What is Vendor Risk Management?”

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